Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Baby part TWO 6/11/09

Now.... This Morning Was Just like any other I got up,Got my Son Up ( But He stayed home sick this morning)So I puttered around The house... till about 9:00am. Then Went to the Barn to let everyone Out to Graze... When I approached Something was off The girls where all still inside the Barn ? Somethings UP!...I Said to Myself and began to Jog to get there faster.... I went in opened the Gate and Saw a White Shinny Blob in the Center of the Floor... Well The First thing I said was OH NO....White with Spots of all Colors,Gray, Rust,Tan, Black, Brown & a beautifully Marked Face...And Those EARS...Sooooo long and Curved they cross over the Head.... CRAP, CRAP & DOUBLE CRAP,Cause those COLORS & Faces Only Belong to........

And This time is NO DIFFERENT !!!
B.A.L.STEUBEN has Had his First SON!
Miss Ruby Red & Mr BAL Steuben
are proud to announce there son
Born June 11,2009 at 9am
Weighing 32 pounds
Calico kidd...

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  1. Congratulations on your new boy! I can relate to your wanting a girl, but then I fall in love with all my boys and bet that you do too.