Thursday, January 7, 2010

So Did Y-all Know That Di from Fiberfancy is My Sister-InLaw

Most of our Blog & Ravelry Friends Don't Know


Di ...(FiberFancy) is my sister in-law She is married to my Brother & is my best Friend...

We both Suffer from the Same Terminal Disease...Ya We Both are addicted to Fiber ... This all started when She was helping me put stuff together for fiber shows & helped me with shearing...We where partners in crime for a wile...This Disease is very Contagious there is no cure for this and we are each others enablers…LOL

anyway Di was over today making some of her “glowing stellar nursery” batts from her December Phatfiber Samples...they are Beautiful I love Black and the pink Mulberry Silk & firestar just set them off.

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