Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is Spring Here at Last!!

Most of the snow has melted and sounds of spring are all around the birds chase & chatter, the trees are starting to bud….. My barn got stripped out & cleaned, I did my spring shots, toenails & worming…We are ready for the Baby’s to start coming. first up is Princes on or around 4/18/2010 Princess was a full year with her first one so she could be as long as 5/5/2010 Next is Eboney on or around 4/29/2010 Eboney was right on her due date last time, but could be as long as 5/15/2010 So we should be seeing signs soon…I have four possibly six Cria due this year the latest two are accidents one in August, I have purchased one that may be pregnant due in November if she is bred. The earst one that is due will be first on the list to get shorn and so on. So watching there posture & baby movement will be easer if they have no wool on there bellies and sides.
Most of my friends & fellow fiber farmers in the area are contacting me for there shearing dates & most of my equipment is ready…All my blades have been sharpened…all my toenail clippers have been found, lol, my pregtone charged & tested…
Most of the fiber farms around here The folks who run them have other jobs during the week so the larger farms require the weekends because to shear 20-30 Alpacas we need a couple of days, so needless to say almost, My weekends are booked already right thru June yeeesh…
I’ll post some current pictures of the Llama Mommas so you can follow the progress as well…I have to start caring my camera with me to the Barn so I can catch some of the Births.

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