Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photo Frustration!!

Welcome to My Fiber Friday

I recently purchased a photo light box.. I had done some looking & shopping around
And had decided that to purchase one for now was out of the budget…
But last month I saw on our Ravelry Group, Someone posted about an awesome sale on a Light box…the price beat all I've seen by at least 50%..So I purchased one…It is awesome! The only thing is it has no instructions, No best set up diagrams, no advice for camera settings, position nada!…..
It is however a complete set up lights different color back drops, the perfect size for fiber Photos… & it all folds up into a carrying case, Great for portability

Only now I’m having issue with the settings of my camera….uuuhrrr
The lighting is different…& my camera doesn't quite stack up with adjustment levels…so I almost feel I’m starting over…I called My sister-in-law for help (she’s in the same biz & takes listing photos to), I called a Ravelry friend who purchased the same light box for help, they both gave me great usable advice Thank You!!…And finally today I thought…in order to get anywhere with this great advice…Daaaa…Start over with the settings…auto everything & adjust from there. After several trail & error Pictures later I “Finally” feel I have a reliable setting combo. That works..
wrong lighting!! wrong everything
wrong shutter speed better but still needs tweaking,
ahh almost really close, on the dark side

This one I think is as close to perfect as this Camera will allow..


  1. Hello! That looks like a great light box. I've been using my white cubicle storage of late. I can shine a light in at an angle and the light bounces around and makes my handspun yarns look nice. Making do for now. Good luck with those settings. I find them way too complicated and frustrating and that's why I only take photos for myself...I'd starve if I depended on taking photos for someone else, LOL. Happy Fiber Arts Firday! Thank you for stopping by my blog.