Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seems Spring is early

Spring had already sprung here at the Critter Ranch, our flowering trees are starting to bloom.
So happy it's sunny & warm Temps up in the 80's for about a week..YAY!! Come on Summer!
Had the Vet Come & check our Girls, to see how many are expecting this spring out of 8 Bred , now we aren't too diligent on making sure everyone is pregnant after three days of breeding if they are, great if not no big deal I like one or two babies a year...
 I also have two Llamas Promised to others they are going to new homes as soon as the new owners are ready..LOL 
So How many Babies do I have coming this spring soo who do you think is pregnant?
post your answer in the comments..
And as far as that warm weather UUUhhhh There was frost on the ground this morning & I'm afraid my tree buds may have froze..
Bella (Bella Rosa)

On a happier note my Dogs have hopefully made puppy's Yorkie Poos they got together today 3/27 & Sunday 3/25 so May 23 or 27 the calculator says cool the puppies are sooo cute

Mugzy (muggle)

And some more good news We finally got a New Truck!! well new to us a full 4 door 8 foot box 2500HD 4wheel drive.
We  sign tonight & pick it up tomorrow yes.. no more worrying about big pieces falling off in the road LOL...

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