Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summers finally here

 It's July and the summer heat is here!!

We have had a long shearing season and finished up on Monday July 15th it was way to hot for man & beasties..
We have welcomed 4 new Llama Babies three Boys one girl & are still waiting on an Alpaca to deliver…
We have a litter of Yorkie Poo puppies on the way, Due date some time between July 17-24… can’t wait to see them; we had so much fun with them last year.
The unfortunate part of farming is doing hard laborious work in this heat..,
as I sit here I dread the Hay wagons that will appear in the driveway soon…
this week I’m Working on washing, dyeing and carding of Fleeces, this is difficult also as it sticks to your hands, face and /or increases the temperature in the house…For some reason the heat this year bothers me more…
Some things to look forward to..
Our County Fair Americas fair in Hamburg NY
I will be demonstrating spinning and fiber arts at the historical building on Friday August 9th between 3-5 pm
I will have all sorts of fiber equipment, yarns, felts, and crafts to show & sell

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