Tuesday, August 19, 2014

summers over?

It's been months since I have had time to post...To start this past winter was brutally Cold & we lost two older alpacas and a llama. All of these senior critters had difficulty in a normal situation, let alone ex stream cold RIP Velvet, Adam and Cyber love!  
What have we been up to since December 2013, This past spring we welcomed two new llama babies, 
Both Moms where pregnant past a year! Waiting for these cria to be born was causing so much stress, But well worth the wait!
Baby doll had an awesome Male cria, light fawn with grey face and points with lots of white markings on his feet and face on June 9
             Dam Angel's Baby Doll                                                              Sire TCRNY's Kalico Kidd







This not so little guy has awesome soft fiber with great luster..We have Named him TCRNY's Chrome  

 Our next baby was born the morning of our Open House...Yes Just as people started to come to the farm ..I was helping to deliver or next baby Mom was pregnant one year and 9 days!... Sugar had a female cria mostly white with a few black patches/spots on June 21 

   TCRNY's Pure Sugar                                                                                CCLF Kaleidascope



This little girls has awesome drapie fiber that has amazing luster 
We have named her TCRNY's Sugar Cookie

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