Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet Me At The Fair

Color Preview Of August Phat fiber Donation From The Critter Ranch
Fiber & Yarn Barn

These are some of the colors I'm working with for the August Phat Fiber Samples For Meet me at The fair... I chose to do Colors from the Ribbons I've Won at Fairs With my Champion Llamas
The Fiber I used is from the Llamas That Won the Ribbons Blended in is Also Mohair For Shine Like satin Look & some Alpaca..So Far I have The Dark Colors Dyed over my Champion Boys Fiber They are Tan/brown…Then the Lighter colors are Dyed over White & that’s the Female I have that is mostly white I mixed the White with White Mohair for shine & of Course I have Just white..I think the plain white is a kitchen sink blend Llama, Border Leicester, Alpaca & Mohair. The Black is my Champion True Black Male..

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