Friday, April 8, 2011

Come on!!

Happy Fiber Friday Folks I sure hope were You are warmer where you are than it is here

Two weeks ago at least it was starting to look a little more like spring now, SNOW?

Western New York is sure living up to it's reputation for wacky weather it has been colder the last two weeks than it was in Dec & January...this is nuts...

We have babies due in just a few days & it hasn't come out of the 30's once yesterday. I did wake up to an awesome sun rise this morning ..As seen from my kitchen window

although if you go by the old sailors sky in the morning sailors take warning

red sky at night a sailors delight..

well that means some more bad weather today..

I'm off to my Spinning group today

this group gets together ounce a month for food, spinning, chat and fun

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  1. My brother-in-law lives down in Olean, NY and he sent me a photo of a 10 foot tall snowman they built this past Tuesday! The weather is crazy.

  2. We waited forever for spring around here too (Minnesota). Now, I think (hope - fingers crossed) that we are finally past putting snow in the forecast. I hope some of our spring weather will travel eastward to you!

  3. Wow, it makes a pretty picture though, I hope that spring comes quickly in your little part of the world!

  4. We've had some crazy weather the last few weeks here in Nebraska, too. That sunrise is gorgeous; hope it doesn't portend severe weather, at least.

  5. So glad there's no snow around here ... although sun is in short supply. However, will the mammas be ok giving birth in such cold weather?

    Have yourself some spinning fun this fiber arts Friday.

  6. Your photos are beautiful and that sunrise, downrighth mystical.

    Good luck with your crias and enjoy your spinning group.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Argh! Spring is taking its time getting here isn't it.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday! Enjoy spinning.

  8. Beautiful photos! I hope spring is on its way to you. It's definitely here in Tennessee -- weather in the 80s today and humid enough that we procrastinated about the lawn mowing.

  9. Whoa, sorry about the snow. Ours is finally gone, except for a few piles I've seen sitting in a shady spot here and there about town.