Monday, April 23, 2012

It's that time of year again Time to go out & shear those, Fuzzy Critters. I officially Started last week 4/9  at a llama farm in East Aurora HemStrret Farms Owned by my dear friend Mike Sheridan  or should I say Doctor Sheridan A Retired UB professor & World Known Volcano Expert... I would have never Known he was all that by just talking to him, he loves his llamas & has been to South America where they are used for what Man has used them for for century's work animals , Packing wood from the mountains, carrying goods to distant villages for market, guarding the herds of alpaca,
Dr Sheridan has mostly classic Llamas they have light wool with very heavy thick guard hairs, but the down underneath is awesome soft, this type of fleece needs one more step (to take the guard hairs out )  Anyway we sheared  most of Dr Sheridan's & then Did Four of his Boarders I think 14 in all.
Next on 4/11 was a young Lady in South Dayton who has three pet llamas she wanted to have there fleece made into yarn...Her Parents Raised Cattle for many years & now have sold off that stock & only keep there hobbie farm Critters, Very nice family. 
Then the next was not until the 4/17 at Welcome Farms in East Aurora, What & beautiful Place , Paula & her Husband have several spralling Acres there where they have a small flock of sheep that are gaurded by Two gentle lady Llamas & a Herd of Goats, Nubian s & lamanchans (not sure of the spelling sorry)
I played with there new born just that morning kidds & visited there kid nursery they are soo much fun to watch but I must move on the next farm, just five minute away,Willow Glen Farm in Cowelsville, a small just getting started Shetland sheep farm also with two guard Llamas that they got from The Critter Ranch...this was a fun Day even tho it was a lot of work, We roo-ed the sheep... Shetlands are considered a primitive breed of sheep, and a the" right time of year" days get longer the temps get warmer, there fiber shaft gets thin & brittle and will the growth from the previous year will just peal off. well the stars & such aligned themselves just right & that is what we did we only needed the electric shears for one & a half the two Llamas of course, it was a very educational day, learned something new, and got to laugh & work with friends a great day! I also got to play with there new Baby Lambs they have two sets of twins, how cool! And  because they had some one theree with a camera, I to have pictures to show of this farm
the sheep
The llamas    

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