Monday, April 30, 2012

Next was another farm in East Aurora Moon Ridge Farm

they have 4 Llamas & a few Sheep ( I don't Shear These Sheep) But the Llamas were Great no one misbehaved & we were able to get them done in plenty of time to get to the next place Some pictures from Moon Ridge
The next Job was off to Elma & Llama Land
They have now I find out 5 llamas the Three I'm used to seeing and Two new arrivals,
 an older gentleman & A Suri Male Nice Llamas those two didn't get shorn this time but  
the other three got there hair cuts, and back home, It rained most of the following week so we didn't do much shearing & all those sceduled canceled so I painted my bedroom...something I've been needing to do but not having the time so three days of rain made me do it! 
This past weekend We, did an Alpaca farm in Bliss NY JB's Alpacas  
we did 17 there took us two days & now it's Monday & I'm so glad I sort of have the day off. 
I'm getting fibers ready to go to the Mill & finishing my Phat Fiber samples for May  
Some day off, Picked fiber all morning & now going to card all afternoon.. 
I luuuuv My Job!!   

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