Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mongolian Felt

My Grand Son & I Spent My Birthday Playing with fiber & teaching Him How to Drive my 4-wheeler
First we laid out the Bubble wrap and then the Fiber & wet it down well with soapy water, I used a shampoo 

Then we rolled it around a PVC pipe

then put an old tent post thru the center with a rope thru it. Then tied it to the back of my 4-wheeler
And That's Where My Grandson came in He learned to drive it as I helped with the brakes & steering

 We had an Audience who scrutinised everything & followed our every move

 we unrolled it twice and rolled the opposite way to even out the felting
 After we where done rolling it around the yard oh several times per wrap 
the two scarves where taken out to dry & look like this 

After they dried I used a felting Needle to Embellish some more color & some fall leaves on this one, it is still a work in progress & The other one is still waiting for inspiration..

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