Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Hi everyone:
  Wow, time really gets away from you when you are busy with family and farm things!!
Winter is Over!! THANK GOD!!
Now we are concentrating on getting the farm cleaned up after the winter snows & winds, I have picked up a hole bucket of roof shingles!! Oh My we need a new roof soon or it's going to rain inside!!
Our chickens are laying like there's no tomorrow & I plan to put some into the Incubator to hatch.. I love having Babbie chicks around, and the guests at the open house in May will love to see them also..
Started The  Incubator at 1:57 pm on April 7th we need to adjust the temp and make sure it will stay at a constant 99.50 degrees before we add the fertile eggs..
then we mark one side of the eggs with an X and the opposite side with an O this helps you know what side to turn the eggs onto , because they need to be turned at the very least 3xs a day more if you can,every 8 hours around the clock...I will keep you posted on the progress and will post pictures of start to finish..

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