Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We had A Cria & it's A Girl!!!

Yesterday I was in the Barn as usual feeding & collecting the days eggs..I was a little late due to doing some dying for my Fiber club ( it's late) anyway after the eggs where collected the chickens fed I do a check on the Girl Llama herd we have a Pregnant one ready to pop..
Well yesterday she popped at about Noon Sweet Bon -Bon Gave birth to her first baby weighting about 25 pounds( geuss I don't have a scale) All Black breathing fine active trying to nurse... Mom doing well for a first timer, ..oh did I say it was a GIRL!!by the time I left the barn  she was nursing & walikng with only little She looks just like her Mom
 Ok so here are the pictures

 Sweet Bon-Bon &  her  Baby Girl Cria


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