Saturday, June 30, 2012

Here chick, chick, chick We have lots of chickens

I recently inherited about 30 hens   

long story…I wanted more hens (bug Control mostly) bought 6 from a friend they where laying dark brown large eggs. Then I was asked by a Alpaca owner friend to go get her alpaca that she had sold but now the buyer couldn’t keep(another long Story) This same person had these hens…& told me she couldn't keep them loosing the farm...she asked if I wanted them all & I couldn’t say no, so I packed them into my jumbo Dog Crate, and brought them home. I left 4 with my friend, gave 6 to another friend & minus the 6, I purchased I have thirty more I had one old Lady hen she is light gold (1) (age 9). I have all different colors mostly golden brown (15) most of witch are just starting to lay eggs (the tiny ones are so cute). the other colors are Black (6), Deep Red (1), Speckled (2), Dark Grey (1) white (4) , half are laying some pretty awesome eggs, I get about 1 dozen a day...who could possibly eat that many eggs, so I am now launching my Free Range Egg bizzz LOL
No foolin really The Critter Ranch Farm Fresh free ranged eggs are a ???? a half Dozen ..( I don't even know what to charge lol).why a half dozen you say, Cause those are the round sampler cartons I already have & new I liked them lol, I'll get some pictures as soon as I get My Camera Back left it at a friends house.

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