Thursday, April 11, 2013

Incubating some Chicken Eggs

We have about 47 eggs in the incubator, all colors shapes and sizes, from white to a dark brown..
They've been in there now for three hole days. I will be checking them for development at the end of Sunday. If you hold them up to a bright light you should see what looks like a spider/octopus inside with many legs  
It's been a family affair to keep them turned on time and, everyone checks the temp to make sure it doesn't very.
The humidity is another thing that needs to be kept at a pretty high level 50% for most of the time and it needs to be up to 80% on the last couple of days.. so the Chicks don't stick to the shells..
I plan on taking some pictures as soon as I can to add to this post.. So stay tuned for our Chick flick

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